Youth Ministries


Youth Ministries Chairperson

2014 – 2015

Young and energetic, Brian is the new youth leader 2014-2015 with great leadership skills and the vigor to brighten the department. Our leading team will always represent the interests of youth ministries to the church & the community being the primary source of information about youth ministries to the congregation for events, training, outreach programs or visited Sabbath School & resources. We use the needs assessment approach among the teens in the congregation and the community and work with our leaders to create those activities that will best meet the needs at the same time safeguarding the enthusiasm of the youth.

You are welcome to join our mid week fellowship every Wednesday 5pm to 8pm come enjoy lots of games, fun, music, bible study, life skills training etc.



You are welcome to join any of our clubs;


The Adventurer Club ministry is open to all families of children (ages 6-9)

Pathfinders club enlarges our children’s windows on the world and building a relationship with God are the dual objectives of this club designed for children ages 10-15

Master Guide is a leadership development programs for youth ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church serving ages 16+

The Ambassador Club is not intended as a replacement of, but instead, will strengthen the current Senior Youth/ Young Adult Ministry of our Church for ages 16-21.

The story of the Adventist Youth Society began over 125 years ago along a dusty country lane in Michigan with two young boys kneeling in prayer and today serves ages 16-31+.


We are the light of the world.