Deaconry Department

Ssemwanga Ronald Semwanga Ronald Head Deacon 2014 – 2015

Ssemwanga Ronald





Prossy Kintu Head Deaconess 2014 -2015

A businessman, mover & dynamic leader he is always on the look for new ideas and with Prossy a wife, teacher & great parent their joint effort & creativity will always put the Church at worship, bright & lively you will never miss a part of the Sabbath. With a team of 47 deacons & deaconess serving our God & Church is always a fun time like never before. We take on our business as described in the New Testament (1Tim.3:8-23) & exemplary to the seven deacons of the Apostolic church, as recorded in Acts 6:1-8, we are the chosen and ordained.

Prossy Kintu

In making our worship & Sabbath enjoyable, we always have you at heart for a clean, comfortable & memorable time with us. It is always joy & smiles to our VISITORS you are the only reason we can continue in service. You will always have a special seat just for you COME VISIT us and always COME AGAIN.

Always feel at home!