About Us

Pr. Joseph SembusiPr. Sembusi Joseph.

Welcome to the Seventh-day Adventist church Makerere – Nakulabye where we accept the Bible as the standard of our faith as christens and believe that God Loves, creates, Redeems, Inhabits, Transforms and Triumphs above all.


How we began (Our Roots)

On Makerere hill once lived a one Enock Ssemwanga son of Isaac Ssebowa Mutajemerwa on a village today occupied by the Veterinary Department Makerere University.

Enock Ssemwanga was a freelance camera man & moved all around Uganda doing this business. While in Soroti (October 1940) Enock came across a document printed by the Kireka Missiom that changed his life as a Christian & he decided to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

In January 1941 he started preaching the good news to his family & in only two weeks many of them had accepted Jesus Christ & joined the SDA Church including his parents, children, his aunt Elizabeth Nakiwala & her children. Their children included among others;

1)      Christine

2)      Mary Nanono

3)      Sylvester Ssemwanga

4)      Godfrey Kimbowa

5)      Alice Janet Najjemba

6)      Paul Ssenkungu

It is this family that rooted SDA Church Makerere. When the Kireka Mission learnt of the new converts they sent them Ev. Ashe Musoke to teach them the SDA beliefs and prepare them for baptism. The group grew even bigger when Enock’s big brother Blasio Lule of Buwava Kyagwe, his family, Yusufu Kawule & others where all baptized by Pr. F.H Mudespack in a spring in Bwaise 1942, two Medical assistants Festo Kiziri & Kyewanula who had a clinic in Wandegeya also join them.

Kiziri introduced Enock to Y. Kyazze then the speaker of the Mengo “Lukiiko” who accepted Christ & was later joined by antoni Taamale who wasa head of Luzira Prison & also member of the Mengo Lukiiko. Antoni also gave land for the Luzira Church & Lake side college.

In 1946 in a Camp Meeting in Katikamu Festo Kiziri & others passed the baptism test & where baptized by the Kireka Mission head Lawisera they included;

–          Asanasio Mukasa

–          Stanley Musoke

–          Festo Kiziri

–          Yake Kyaze

–          Yekoyasi Mukasa

–          Yoweeri Musaazi

–          Mrs. Faisi Musaazi

–          Nakintu

The Saza Chief Kaggo, Besweri Mulyanti & the Gombolola Chief for Kira Lameka Ssebanakita where the chief guests, Lameka was later baptized.

SDA Makerere was a Papyrus Church when Makerere University bought off the land where the Church was built & since the congregation did not want to change their name, they started to look for land nearby using the little funds, they jointly with Dr. Kiseka bought land in Nakulabye where the Church is currently located.

In the new location the first Church Pastor was;

1)      Pr. Kyambadde

2)      Pr. Ssendawula

3)      Pr. Kasizi Taamale 1969

4)      Pr. Wanddekera John 1971-1974

5)      Pr. Nsereko 1975-1977 when the SDA Church activities were banned by Idi Amin’s regime & resumed after this regime collapsed.

6) Pr. Awuye 1984

7) Pr. Kagwa

8) Pr. Mubiru

9) Pr. Wandekera John

10) Pr. Sembusi Joseph 1998

In 1980 Livingstone Ssebunya and Bugembe of Kanyanya promoted the church extension

These are the pioneers of SDA church Makerere in Nakulabye;

  1. Late Tamale
  2. Tabyetise
  3. El Mayombwe
  4. Ssetimba
  5. Ssenkungo
  6. Kuku Kitooke
  7. Ida Musisi
  8. Late Gayita


What makes us unique from others SDA churches in Uganda?

  • The first church to open up a library by Rena Katiyasi, El, Kajimu Hanington and Pr. Tamale who also donated all his personal books to the Church.
  • The first Church to have a Church district governing body (District Council).
  • The first SDA Church to have a female preacher Mrs. Mutwalwa.
  • The first Church to have the youngest preacher Apolo Kabuye.
  • The first Church that ever had a big and nice baptism pool on its grounds.
  • We lead in evangelism and Church planting many Church Districts where planted as churches by Makarere ie. Kkolo, Katikamu, Masulita, Luzira, Entebe etc.
  • We are building the mostly beautiful SDA Church in Uganda with a basement parking and elevator.
  • We have been pioneers in buying cars to our Pastors.
  • We have always been at the forefront in promoting and supporting Prime Radio.
  • The Church where its members have their Church at heart and protect its property at all costs. 22nd /09/2002 was a testimony to this when council tried to put a road through the church land and people stood firm to defended their Church property to an extent that the late Denis Barlow , Tomansi Mesach, Bugembe, Naluyange Faith (Wakiso), Moses Senyonjo and others were stoned and got injuries.

After Wakiso was made a Church District 2013 and took over 7 of the churches. In 2014 SDA Church Makerere has 8 ordained Churches and 10 none ordained with a total of 3500 members and still growing.